Influential Preachers

Influential Preachers

I was reached for Christ by a soulwinner from Hyles-Anderson College in 1992 and immediately started attending the First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana. Ever since then, I love to listen to good preaching and I love to read doctrinal books. Here is a partial list (not in any order) of preachers, teachers, and authors that have taught me things I’ll forever remember. There are more, but these men have made an impact on me more than others. For the pretribbers in this list that are still living, I hope I can encourage them to overcome their novice error regarding end-times prophecy.

  • Jack Hyles – My first pastor, like hearing mamma’s voice. I miss you preacher. Thank you. His HAC chapel sermons were exceedingly powerful.
  • Al Lacy – Good hard preaching. A brilliant preacher who is now with the Lord. Unfortunately not much of his material is online. He knows a lot more than just the KJV issue that he’s known for.
  • Lester Roloff – One of the few that preached hard against the wicked world-altering TV set. His singing soothes the soul.
  • Tom Williams – A humble servant of prayer that God has used nationwide.
  • Lee Roberson – The epitome of the old-time religion. I have fond memories of honoring him in chapel at HAC.
  • Dean Miller – One of the most powerful testimonies I’ve ever heard (FBC Hammond – Wed. night 1994?)
  • Phil Kidd – We had Phil Kidd parties on the HAC dorm floor. Vintage 1990s Phil Kidd is among the hardest preaching you’ll ever hear.
  • Keith Gomez – Hard preaching with polish (Note: Oddly, Brother Hyles spoke with many preachers who added works to salvation. Brother Gomez teaches a “repent of your sins” gospel.)
  • Jack Schaap – Shamefully fallen adulterer. He helped me when I was a new convert. He was the type to give you money for a haircut instead of giving you demerits. I left FBC just as he became pastor so I didn’t witness his downfall. His HAC sermons from the mid-90s were incredible. I hope you’re OK Brother Schaap.
  • Dennis Corle – I have all of his books. I’ve learned much from him. Great soulwinner and conference speaker.
  • Jeff Owens – Fireball preacher back in the 90s.
  • Bob Hooker – A man of God with great depth and appropriate preaching.
  • Darrell Moore – A consistent man of character and challenging preaching.
  • Chris Tefft – A fast and fun preacher to listen to.
  • Bruce Goddard – I went to college with students that were fruit of his ministry. He’s the real deal.
  • Eddie Lapina – Stole sermon outlines from others and preached them well.
  • Ray Young – Character
  • John Francis – His labor will be rewarded one day.
  • Carl Laurent – He’d look you in your eye unafraid to tell you what you need to hear. We need more like him today.
  • Bill Grady – A humorous and somewhat-intellectual author and preacher. He rubs shoulders with Ruckmanites and promotes some propaganda in his books. Never-the-less, I enjoyed his sermons back in college.
  • Texe Marrs – A brilliant author and teacher who’s taught me more than I need to know about esoteric things that are hidden in plain sight.
  • Kent Hovind – A creation preacher that has impacted my life significantly. He was attacked by the hounds of hell while most preachers were too busy getting fat to help him. He was the first preacher (that I trusted) to point out contradictions in the pretrib teaching back in 2012. This launched me into to a multi-year study of the end times.
  • Steven Anderson – We need an army of Steven Andersons. He’s a soulwinner that knows the Bible as well as any preacher on this list or any I’ve ever heard. His teaching on Revelation answered many questions I had during my personal quest to learn more about Bible prophecy.
  • Rick Martin – A humble missionary bearing fruit for God’s kingdom.
  • Bill McSpadden – Great preaching back in the HAC days and sacrificial servant.
  • Grant Jeffrey – Non-Baptist author that helped me trust God’s word before I ever met a Baptist.
  • Jack Trieber – Leadership
  • Bob Gray – Hard preaching – (Note: I’m saddened that the Bob Gray of the 1990s went soft. He now endorses a ministry laboring to reach reprobates)
  • Curtis Hudson – Great memories. I was there when he sang “I’m on winnin’ side!” at HAC
  • Tom Malone – Preached in a tent meeting at my first Pastor’s School.
  • Carl Hatch – Soulwinning stories extraordinaire.
  • Joe Boyd – A Soulwinning evangelist that wasn’t afraid to take a stand for the unpopular position. He was a “repent of your sins” preacher.

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